Little Teether Necklace & Unicorn Teething Toy

"She Bites" -Mom

Somewhere along our morning routine of me getting ready for work and getting Hendley ready for school, she caught on to me accessorizing my outfits before leaving the house. It wasn't long until she was wanting her own "nehneh" to wear. Fast forward, her "nehneh's" are now the first things she asks for in the mornings! I can't help but laugh while writing this as I picture her in only her diaper and cheap plastic necklaces while eating (more like wearing) her yogurt in her highchair!

When I heard about Little Teether's new 2017 collection, I jumped on board. In this post, I am featuring the Unicorn Silicone Teething Toy in 'Tropical' and the Geo Teething Beads in 'Mint'.

Why Little Teether?

Their teething necklaces are non-toxic, BPA free, and free of of phthalates, lead, cadmium, and heavy metals. All Teething necklaces are tested twice before distribution to ensure quality and safety!

Let's just say, Hendley was ecstatic when she saw "her" new necklace! She has been teething like CRAZY the past two weeks, so naturally, the unicorn teething toy and necklace went straight into the mouth! If I were to video the behind the scenes of me trying to get pictures of her, you would see A LOT of dancing and hear a lot of "YAY's" for the excitement she had towards these teethers!

In an upcoming post, I will be featuring the gorgeous Sawyer Teething Necklace in 'Powder Grey'


  • Teething jewelry is intended to be worn by adults, and are not for children to wear or play with unattended. *When doing this photoshoot, Hendley insisted she wore the "nehneh" :)*

  • Please use baby chewable necklaces under constant supervision and inspect necklace before each use for any damage.

Much Love,