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My First Time Getting Lash Extensions!

My First Time Getting Lash Extensions!

“Life is too short, your lashes shouldn’t be!”

I am super excited to share probably one of my most favorite services I have ever received. Today, I will be talking about my experience getting eyelash extensions for the very first time!

When it comes to beauty and skin care, I have always been a minimalist. While I love to play and experiment with makeup, at the end of the day, I stick with basics and don't go much further than that. I've always read about/had an interest in various services (i.e. hair removal treatment, skin brightening and tightening services, maintaining nail care, etc.), but have never actually sought out to receive these services because, let's be honest here, it is expensive to maintain. So, I've been your "low maintenance" kinda gal.

Well, up until now that is. 

I collaborated with Blush Studio ATX and received the Volume Lashes, and let. me. tell. YOU. I am in absolute LOVE with them! I have received SO MANY compliments on them, including compliments from other lash professionals who asked to be all up in my grill to check them out up close and personal! I am struggling at the moment of finding the words to describe how GORGEOUS these lashes are. Currently, as I write this, I am sitting at 3 weeks of having my lashes and while they have shed quite a bit, they still look absolutely amazing. The full Volume Lashes are as dramatic as you can go. I figured since this was my first time, I would go all out. 3 weeks later, they are resembling what I would say more "natural" looking lash extensions. Either way, they are so gorgeous and super easy to take are of.

What to expect:

When I first arrived, I wasn't sure what to expect. Are your eyes open? Do I just lay there? Do I get a bathroom break? Haha, all of these things ran through my mind! I arrived without any makeup on (and super untamed eyebrows, as you will notice int he pictures) because I figured clean lashes would be best!

1 word, nap. 

Yes, you read that right. Nap. The entire process took around 3 hours and I was TOLD I could "take a nap." Seriously? This mom is getting permission to take a nap? I will take up on that offer!

Alaina taped my bottom lashes down, turned on a killer play list, and started the process! She applied 1 extension to EACH of my eyelashes! For the full Volume Lashes, the extension resembles three little hairs, which is why your lashes look extremely full once done!

Caring for your lashes:

The easiest, and best way, to care for your lashes are to wear as little mascara on the extensions as possible. Up until this week (3 weeks later), I did not put any mascara on my upper lashes, only lower lashes. Because they are so thick, mascara really isn't necessary.

I did find it tricky to take my eye makeup off just because I did not want to rub my lashes. After awhile, I realized they are a lot stronger than you would think! I used Johnson's Baby Shampoo to clean and care for my lashes!


Scroll down, and see for yourself the amazing before & after's, as well as what my lashes looked like 1 week after!



{Instastory Selfie}

One Week Later

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